Free Range means, hens have total freedom to access large open space to roam freely and to express their natural behavior. The Cage Free birds have a pen / barn for night shelter, fresh air, bright / pleasant sunshine to bask, trees to perch, nest for egg laying, green pasture to forage, sufficient food & water to keep them fit & healthy.


Happy Hens Farms Eggs are from chickens feed on herbs, grains, in addition to bugs, greens and others in the range which enriches the eggs uniquely. These are providing the strength and energy to patients. The eggs are hygienically processed and also safely packed for keeping these free from any contamination and impurity.

"Eggs produced by animals raised in a natural environment and fed right is very important.
Hens that are free-range will always have better nutrition, and taste, and be packed with love"

- Ryan Fernando

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