We invest in education, classes and everything that sets up our kids for life. Every parent thinks “how can I give an edge to my child”

Very few parents realise that nutrition is the missing element to the growth and development of the child. Current farming practices ensure that the foods are not at their richest nutrient contents. For example cabbage in 1990’s had lesser content in the 1980’s in terms of minerals and vitamins. So saying that we get GOOD food is a misnomer in 2018.

With nutrition guidance and pediatric counselling both mother and child can be equipped with new knowledge on food choices, removal of guess work and heartache because of fussy and picky eaters. Children suddenly are more aware, tuned and accepting of new nutritional choices.

It’s always best to discover what’s good for you via a discovery call. To book a call back to enquire about more details including pricing or to directly book a COUNSELING OR NUTRITION PLAN with our team of Nutritionists

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