I believe that every individual should find their life partner in specific foods (Bio-individuality) and make peace with the fact that to be great, one has to transcend above your taste buds and move to the feeling of supreme energy of food.

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Hi! For at least twenty years I have dedicated my life to understanding the science of food. It has been my life mission to change the way you eat. As a nutrition coach, it is my responsibility to educate and guide people towards healthier options and choose foods that heal the body.

My core philosophy is
  • There is no miracle food
  • All diets are bound to fail
  • The only sure way to learn how your body balances and accepts food
  • Remove foods that are triggers (those that don't agree with us)
  • Find the foods that make your body feel like a million bucks
  • Use science like blood testing, allergy testing and genetic testing to guide you with precision.

As we evolve in life we realise that we have to adapt. In our health, choices of food contribute to longevity, performance and happiness. I am the coach who advises no shortcuts. Join me on a lifelong journey in learning how we can align your body for better choices which means a healthier, fitter YOU!

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When the parents of a nine-year-old child with ADHD and autism came to nutritionist Ryan Fernando, they were desperate. What followed was a miracle: with a change in diet, the child was able to speak and eventually take her place in society. The culprit for her condition: wheat.

In Wh(eat)less, Ryan draws examples on his decades-long experience to identify one of the primary dietary origins of various health issues: gluten. Many of us don't realize that we are gluten-sensitive or even gluten-intolerant. This means that consumption of wheat in any form-such as bread, pizza, biscuits or even chapatis-makes our body react in negative ways. This might be through recurring headaches, bloating, adult acne, brain fog or loose motion. Not just this, gluten also aggravates the symptoms of children with ADHD and Down syndrome. Replacing wheat in our diet can solve many of these issues.

In this book, Ryan has narrated the stories from his practice as a celebrity nutritionist at QUA Nutrition clinics, which he has founded. His clients include Aamir Khan, Virat Kohli, Anushka Sharma, Shahid Kapoor, Manoj Bajpayee, Fardeen Khan and Robin Uthappa. He has compiled an ideal guide for anyone who wants to bring about a transformation in their diet and life.

Eating Secrets of Champions!

“Make small changes in your life & eating by learning more about nutrition & foods”

Every day I wake up with one focus. “HOW DO I CHANGE THE WAY A PERSON EATS FOR HEALTH OR PERFORMANCE”. As India's leading nutritionist with over two decades guiding athletes, film stars and daily office warriors. I have accumulated a wealth of nutrition expertise, counseling abilities and an ability to join the dots on therapeutic, pediatric & sports nutrition strategies.

I have written a book that crystallizes some of these experiences & basic tenets to eating like a champion. They are not diet charts. It is simple practical advice you need to follow & implement in your life.

If you wish to purchase my ebook or a hard copy version, please do click on the link below. I thank you for investing your time with me.

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“Watching RYAN on youtube is life changing”

- Vijay Shekhar Sharma, Founder PayTM

You will get hooked into how he makes nutrition such a fun yet personal subject. You will feel Ryan’s passion in his talks as he walks you through bite size minutes of information. He is a passionate speaker on Nutrition. As a teacher and guru to hundreds of dietitians and nutritionists, he leads the way in scientific teaching as well as simplifying nutrition information to kids and adults for easy layman understanding. With 100s of Videos documented, Ryan wishes to share with the world his mission of changing the way people eat. He believes DIETs are wrong and embracing your BIO-INDIVIDUALITY is the key to learning which food is your friend and which food is your enemy. No one type or size fits all.

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There are a few numbers that can startle you. There are calories that can make you understand your equation with weight. There are activities that can put a smile on you or a frown on your belly. Check out some of the calculator's and see if you need to pick up the phone and call me.

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