Low Deuterium Water

Low Deuterium Water of 125ppm concentration is produced by separating deuterium from water through a continuous distillation process. The distillation process uses low- temperature vacuum rectification. The distillation process is done in columns equipped with structured packing made from phosphor bronze or stainless steel. The distillation process exploits differences in the relative volatility of deuterium & hydrogen. The process results in selective separation that decreases the concentration of deuterium.


Benefits of AMRETE – Low Deuterium Water

  • Combats Ageing - Slows down the Ageing process rapidly
  • Mental Health - Improves concentration and overall mental health.
  • Metabolism – Increases metabolic rate and has heart and liver protective effects
  • Anti Fatigue - Improves the energy levels
  • Potent adjuvant therapy for chronic diseases especially Cancer
  • Overall Health - Hydrates skin & organs, thus improves the overall health and wellness.

"There's a startling lack of awareness surrounding Deuterium levels present in our daily water consumption. Fortunately, low Deuterium water is now available. My vision is to see my India free from all lifestyle diseases and now I bring you, Low Deuterium Water. Deuterium, a stable hydrogen isotope present in natural water at nearly 150 parts per million, has many health benefits when consumed at lower levels, ranging from 25 to 120 parts per million. These benefits include fighting cancer and other diseases, correcting DNA errors, treating diabetes, heart disease, and thalassemia, boosting immune function, preventing ageing, and providing radioprotective effects. Thus, ensuring that the body has a boost to fight the diseases that are prevailing today."

- Ryan Fernando

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