Top 4 Eating Habits to Avoid for Weight Loss

Ryan Fernando - Top 4 Eating Habits to Avoid for Weight Loss

2024-02-26 08:24:34

Top 4 Eating Habits to Avoid for Weight Loss

We all know that our weight is influenced by what we eat, but are you aware that how we eat has a major impact on our consumption patterns which in turn influences our weight.

If we’re aiming to reduce weight, we should avoid the following four frequent eating behaviors.

#1 Eating Fast

It’s been said that our brain takes twenty seconds to figure we are filled. Our bodies release chemicals that boost satiety while suppressing the hormone that makes us hungry (named ghrelin) during this relay.

By just slowing down our eating pace, we will consume far less food by the time our brain receives the communication that we no longer are hungry.

You can understand how this might help with weight reduction because it suppresses appetite in addition to stopping us from overeating. Another excellent benefit of eating slowly is that it encourages us to chew our food more thoroughly, which aids digestion!

#2 Distracted Eating

While it may not have a direct effect on your waistline, reading or watching anything while eating often leads to individuals snacking needlessly and not noticing how much they’ve ingested.

While it may not have a direct effect on your waistline, reading or watching anything while eating often leads to individuals snacking needlessly and not noticing how much they’ve ingested.

Indeed, “that which is measured improves.”

#3 Eating dessert after every meal

Especially when they’re loaded with sugar and lacks nutrients, like this one

Dessert after every meal is a time-honored ritual in many cultures, but it may be somewhat of an unpleasant habit while attempting to reduce weight.

It’s tough to avoid the extra calories from these high-sugar items for two reasons:

#a) Addictive in nature

Sugar is often addicting because it releases dopamine, a feel-good hormone that impacts our brain’s pleasure and reward. This ‘rewarding’ experience has been shown to be more addictive than narcotics like cocaine, especially when triggered by excessive sweetness (as in sweets).

#b) We might be able to squeeze in a little extra dessert

Even after a hearty lunch, individuals have space for sweet treats, according to a fascinating research. The “dessert stomach” hypothesis states that anticipating sweet meals triggers a reaction that stretches your stomach, providing room for more food.

So, how can we get rid of this bad habit? The greatest thing you can do is restrict your dessert consumption to just a taste of anything sweet, gradually decreasing it until you no longer want it.

4) It’s time to eat- forceful eating

It doesn’t matter if you aren’t hungry

You may have come across this saying that if you don’t eat, your body enters “starvation mode” – or, to use a more technical word, “adaptive thermogenesis” – which is the body’s natural survival strategy in which it begins to preserve energy by limiting the number of calories burned.

Although this is true, adaptive thermogenesis does not occur when your body goes for a few hours without eating. It occurs over time (the precise number varies from person to person), which is why, as you may have seen, weight reduction appears to plateau after only a few weeks of following a calorie-restricted diet.

The most probable explanation that the eating-every 2 hours regimen works for certain individuals is because it allows them to manage the amount of their meals. When you’re hungry, it’s tough to apply discipline and actively eat less (or even healthier), most of the people will relate with this.

Those who push themselves to eat every 2 hours, even if they aren’t hungry, risk increasing their daily calorie consumption, defeating the aim.

Because, in the end, an eating pattern that blends into your everyday routine is probably the most sustainable.

And when a better habit is simple to maintain, you’ll find that you’ve not only met your weight-loss objectives, but you’re also leading a better lifestyle.

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