Pre and Post Vaccination Diet Tips For Athletes

Ryan Fernando - Pre and Post Vaccination Diet Tips For Athletes

2024-02-26 08:24:34

Pre and Post Vaccination Diet Tips For Athletes

Mr. Kiren Rijiju, Union Minister for Youth Affairs and Sports, issued a statement a few days ago announcing that athletes traveling to Tokyo to participate in the Olympics will be vaccinated first.

This is a positive step because it ensures that the athletes are protected from the virus. If any player tests positive at this point, their chances of competing in the Olympics are severely harmed, as infected athletes are required to follow a strict quarantine rules and will also required to undergo medication.

Some athletes are undecided about whether or not they should get vaccinated. Here’s why they should get the vaccine.

Imagine you have a home and, in order to secure it, you set up a security system that includes security guards and fencing around the perimeter, ensuring that no unauthorised elements can enter.

Similarly, inside the human body, there is a protective perimeter comprised of walls, fences, and security guards that prevent intruding bacteria and viruses from entering the body; this mechanism is known as the Immune system.

This virus now behaves like a gunda, trying to sneak into your house by disguising your immune system in order to rob and damage you.

How do you know your immune system is solid and vigilant enough to detect this disguise? How are you going to put it to the test? How do you know if the immune system is working properly?

You’ll do a test run. You have some of your security guards act up as Gunda and break into the house to test the security system’s response.

This is precisely how vaccination works; it is a small dose of virus disguised as a vaccine that allows the immune system to practise fighting the original virus.

As a result, athletes should get vaccinated before leaving for Tokyo.

Things to keep in mind before & after vaccination

Before Vaccination:

Stop training 2 days before you go to get vaccinated, so that inflammation levels in the body are low.

After Vaccination:

Rest for 3 days after the vaccination. Avoid doing any high heart rate activity. DO meditation and other relaxation techniques.

Pre & Post Vaccination Diet Tips

We’ve put together a comprehensive list of pre- and post-vaccination dietary dos and don’ts that you can download for free. Please follow the link to download the document-

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