Poor diet responsible for more deaths than tobacco consumption

Ryan Fernando - Poor diet responsible for more deaths than tobacco consumption

2024-02-26 08:24:34

Poor diets are responsible for more deaths than tobacco consumption

As per a report, poor diet is responsible for more deaths than tobacco consumption, high blood pressure or any other health problems.

The report was published in the medical journal ‘Lancet’.

We eat out of love & culture and now in this modern era of online food ordering, we also have started to eat out of comfort-ability. Most foods available in the market offer little or no nutritional value. Diet high in unhealthy food items and low in whole grain foods is responsible for every fifth death globally.

As per statistics published in the report, 10.9 million deaths in 2017 are the result of poor dietary habits. This accounts for 22% of all deaths among adults in 2017. Cardiovascular issues, diabetes, and cancer were the leading causes of death. Whereas tobacco is responsible for 8 million deaths.

The study pointed out that 3 dietary factors lower intake of fruit & whole grains and higher intake of sodium is accountable for 50% of poor diet-related deaths. The remaining 50 % is the result of a high intake of sugary beverages, processed and red meat.

Our dietary pattern is a habit which we have acquired & developed over the years and the one which we find very difficult to change. Hence to adopt a healthy lifestyle we need the right knowledge, vital information, and experts’ guidance to make our quest of “healthy me” sustainable.

At QUA Nutrition we believe that the first step to making a difference is “Choice” and so we educate and encourage individuals to make the right choice which leads to lasting changes and improving health.

Are you eating the right amount of fruits & whole grains? Is your sodium intake high? You might be the next person who risks losing life due to poor dietary habits. Contact us on 97-4343-0000 or Register here for a discovery call from us and discover how the right nutrition ensures good health and better living.

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