Nutrition mistake athletes do while recovering from injury I Bad eating habits in athletes

Ryan Fernando - Nutrition mistake athletes do while recovering from injury I Bad eating habits in athletes

2024-02-26 08:24:34

Nutrition mistake athletes do while recovering from injury I Bad eating habits in athletes

What is a bad eating habit? The other day someone asked me sir i ate dosa is it good or bad for me?

No food is bad. Even french fries are not a bad food if you look at it from a calorie perspective. It will give you some calories that can help meet the body’s daily caloric requirement, but it is fried and oiled, making it not the preferred choice of food.

Do you know how many calories you burn in a day when you train, on your rest days or after your rehab session?

Your taste buds and hunger center hypothalamus will continuously go-to the last 3 months’ eating habits to define your current requirements.

So even if you are injured and not training, your body might still give you signals to feed the same amount of calories as the pre-injury period.

Suddenly you are ending up eating more calories than you actually required as you are resting.

It’s not so about bad eating habits but more so becoming aware of current requirements and rejig your diet and intake.

The bad habit develops on the psychological level. When athletes get injured they might be tempted to drift away from their strict and disciplined daily regimen.

Many athletes like to reward themselves with massive meals because they believe that the hard work they put into the training sessions will cover it up.

Unfortunately, it only lessens the positive impact that might have had on the body.

Similarly, when an athlete is injured, it is not the time to set yourself free; instead, it is the time to be more disciplined. Athlete’s mentality during these times is what separates the champions from the rest.

Pineapple is an excellent recovery food. It contains a compound called Bromelain, which helps in reducing inflammation in the body and boosts recovery. Bromelain is also available in the form of sachet and tablets.

Anthocyanins are considered as nature’s disprin and have antioxidant effects. They are found in purple-based foods like purple cabbage. Also, purple cabbage is low on calories, which would benefit avoid weight gain and put extra stress on the body.

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