Nutrition For Vitiligo Treatment

Ryan Fernando - Nutrition For Vitiligo Treatment

2024-02-26 08:24:34

Nutrition For Vitiligo Treatment

Vitiligo, a condition Micheal Jackson was burdened with is characterised by depigmentation of a part of the skin. It is an acquired pigmentary disorder of the skin and mucous membranes manifesting itself by expanding the depigmented lesions.

Several studies have been done on finding the appropriate aetiology of vitiligo, which are related to genes, dysfunction of the T cells, autoimmune hypothesis as well as environmental triggers.

In this context, several genes have been consistently and functionally associated with the progression of the disease, especially DDR1, XBP1 and NLRP1. The histological picture of this shows loss of melanocytes and melanin with no associated inflammation.

However, one of the major consequences of the disease is its psychological impact since it has a strong effect on self esteem, with a subsequent increase in the severe depression and a sharp sense of social discrimination.

As per the pattern around the world, approximately 2% of the population is the victim, seeking solutions for the same. Vitiligo being idiopathic along with variation in the size and the origin of the patches makes it further difficult to distinguish the severity of the condition.

Additionally presence of un-identified dietary and non dietary triggers forms the major element for the progression of the disease. These triggers can be a part of our daily routine including the food we eat, the cosmetics we use, the addictions we have as well as the clothes we choose for ourselves! This means that vitiligo is affected by one’s Lifestyle.

Nutrition holds the power to cure Vitiligo. Nature has provided a range of ‘superfoods’ which are extremely nutritionally dense and provide exceptional health benefits. They have protective and scavenging effects against the oxidative stress in the body with supporting scientific studies done on them.

Additionally when superfoods are combined with the 5+ appropriate nutritional supplementation and the essence of ayurvedic herbs required for vitiligo, it can accelerate the recovery by 70-80%. This is because it posses anti oxidant, anti inflammatory, hepatoprotective as well as photoprotective properties.

They also act as natural immune modulatory agents which is essentially required to modify the immune response and help in better functioning of the immune system.

At Qua Nutrition, our team of expert nutritionists sits with you to discuss your lifestyle and difficulties. They provide you with evidence based nutrition therapies, giving you the perfect combination of beneficial foods and supplements to promote health and cure Vitiligo.

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In our quest to educate people around us and make them realize the power of nutrition, we are launching a course on VITILIGO with appropriate scientific backup, which will enlighten, educate and empower an individual to understand the existing issue, learn to identify best methods to overcome it & how they can implement it in their daily life.

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