How A Model Should Eat?

Ryan Fernando - How A Model Should Eat?

2024-02-26 08:24:34

How A Model Should Eat?

Are you a model wondering how to lose those extra kilos and look chiseled on the ramp? If you thought you could starve your way to reach your target then you’ve got it completely wrong! The modeling industry is taking a step towards being inclusive with models on the ramp but the majority of the models are still expected to look lean, fit with glowing skin and be a certain fit for the fashion designers to book them and be able to walk in their show.

So now the question you would ask is what should I eat then? Having a busy schedule with shoots and walking the runway as a model one might entirely skip their meals, but a model never has an offseason so this eating pattern will definitely be harmful in the long run. To maintain your best weight throughout is a difficult task. You could get paranoid about gaining weight, could also develop an eating disorder due to same, now we don’t want that do we?

A model should prefer eating a low-calorie diet 2-3 months before a major event, with the right nutrient balance and include the right supplements only after proper consultation. A low-calorie diet could be anything between 800 to 1200 kcal, depending on your specific goals. The macronutrient breakdown would be low carb, high protein, and good essential fats.

The type of food you eat won’t be your usual rice-dal-chapati-sabji. The meals should be small, nutrient-dense and easy to prepare as well as be easily available when a model is traveling. Also, another concern a model has is bloating, no one wants to look bloated or feel bloated walking the ramp cause all you want to do is SLAY!!

The trick here is to go low on sodium, include some exotic teas and be well hydrated. The focus should be on hydration, maintaining gut health and immunity. When it comes to supplementation one needs to have multivitamins or specific supplements for good hair and skin.

Another important part is Sleep, with a hectic and stressful schedule it can be difficult to get your beauty sleep but with certain superfoods, you can relax your mind and manage to get a good night’s sleep. You may have concerns with following a low-calorie meal while working out but a nutritionist will make sure that your meals are surrounded around your workout, and you don’t feel tired and have energy throughout.

The secret is to follow a “low-calorie diet” not a “No calorie diet” so get one thing clear, starvation is not your solution, a good diet with your RDA for nutrients met which will not only help you lose those extra kilos but also help you maintain your best weight along with optimal fitness levels.

Is there any sample diet plan for models?

No, don’t insult yourself by comparing/following other’s plan. Modeling and Nutrition plan have one aspect in common. Both will only be successful when they have exclusivity about them.

You need to consult a dietitian for a diet that is individual for you, no one diet works for all and we at QUA nutrition believe in a person should eat on the basis of their Bio-individuality.

If you want to have chiseled looks, washboard abs and maintain the right weight contact us on 9743430000 or write to us at Our Dietitian will help you achieve your specific goals and you will be walking for your dream designer very soon.

My client Dipti Sharma recently was featured on the cover page of Elle magazine. She is also the first Indian model to walk an international ramp wearing the traditional Indian drape.

Ryan Fernando is an Award-winning celebrity Sports Nutritionist with 2GUINNESS world record and 2 Olympic medals under his belt. His client list include Olympic wrestler Sushil Kumar, cricketer Shikhar Dhawan & bollywood superstars Aamir Khan & Abhishek Bachchan. He is Chief Nutritionist at QUA Nutrition Signature Clinics.

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