Grocery List: What to buy during lockdown?

Ryan Fernando - Grocery List: What to buy during lockdown?

2024-02-26 08:24:34

Grocery List: What to buy during lockdown?

As we are house locked for the next couple of weeks to avoid the spread of coronavirus the least we can do is to ensure that we follow the government’s guidelines and support them in this fight against coronavirus. This means limiting movements in public places like grocery stores.

So next time you visit the grocery store, ensure that you maintain social distancing and carry the list that I am going to share with you to stock essential foods which will help you sail through the lockdown period.

Indian Household Food Requirement

General requirement for an adult sedentary Indian (above 18 years) requires 2100 kcal per day (considering 60 kg weight). Carbohydrate content from grains and millets contribute the most calories.

Generally protein should be consumed 10-12 % (52-62 g) of the total calories and 20 % (46 g) of fat of the total calories.

Below are the tables that will help adult, young person & kids to adapt nutritionally balanced foods that are preferred by people living in the region.

A gentle reminder that fruits and vegetables are the best choice to stay fit but, in this scenario where one doesn’t have sufficient outreach to the farms, garden or grocery shops than please take care to have canned or dried vegetables and fruits.During pandemic one can store the canned fruits and vegetables as well.


What Should We Buy?


Excerpts from the document “Grocery List for Coronavirus Lockdown” . The document is available to all for free. Email me at to get your copy.

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