Do you need to avoid eating rice to lose weight? Weight loss diet tips

Ryan Fernando - Do you need to avoid eating rice to lose weight? Weight loss diet tips

2024-02-26 08:24:34

No one food is responsible for putting on weight; your lifestyle, eating habits, activity levels, etc., play a vital part. You can’t blame one food for your undisciplined approach to life.

We need to understand that portion control is the key. You will come across many individuals who, in their defense, put forward the thought that our ancestors too ate these foods and lived healthily.

They fail to realize that the physical activity-driven lifestyle at that time took care of food portions. That’s why certain diseases are now classified as “lifestyle diseases” because we have become sedentary, and this lifestyle change has affected our health.

Today, we lead a life of convenience. Everything we need is just a click away. We are now even working from home.

The decrease in activity levels means that the body’s calorie requirement should also decrease. But we are still eating like our ancestors.

They require high carbohydrate consumption to carry out routine work. The modern-day population has to change their eating habits and place more emphasis on the portion size of meals.

In their defense, many adults say to me that they have been eating certain foods in specific quantities since they were young and never gained weight, so it can’t be that they have all of a sudden gained weight because of that.

But when you are young, you burn more than average adults. Also, they are involved in some physical activity through recreational sports, traveling, etc. Their metabolic rate is also high.

Also, as you age, muscle atrophy happens. Your growth hormones decrease, and your muscles slowly start to lose out with time. The body’s metabolic rate also reduces.

Practicing portion control can help you eat a healthy diet and avoid weight gain.

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