World Sleep Day।Enhance your sleep।”Eat better, Sleep better.”

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ealthy sleep reduces the risk of various health problems—including obesity,Alzheimer’s, depression, and hypertension. Limiting screen time and good nutrition can help you sleep like a baby.

How you can enhance your sleep? ( Watch my video for detailed information)

  1. Ideal sleeping time is 7-9 hours in one go. Figure out how you can plan your day accordingly.
  2. Limit your screen time.
  3. Wave Wi-Fi waves.
  4. Eat foods that boost melatonin production
  5. Avoid foods that reduces melatonin production.
  6. Become aware of tech devices that can help enhance your sleep (check the link below)


Click on the link  to get the sleep enhancing PEMF therapy device

For detailed information watch the below video:

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