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Ryan has studied at Asia’s oldest medical college – GOA Medical College. His Master Degree in Biochemistry has a unique perspective as it is one of the only courses in India to have been conducted in a medical hospital. His fondness for the subject grew as he mentored under the medical Dean of Goa Medical College Dr Shanti, whom he ascribes as his first Guru. With hundreds of patients turning out daily in the government hospital, Ryan trained first hand on how blood tests can diagnose people and diseases. While traditional medicine requires introduction of drugs, Ryan realised that food plays a key role in removing triggers or healing patients in the long run.

In 1997, Ryan was selected for the prestigious Commonwealth Scholarship Program in the United Kingdom. With a fully paid scholarship he proceeded to the University of Strathcylde in Scotland for another Master of Science in “Food Biotechnology”.

Ryan was certain that foods can heal the body, and proceeded to learn how foods can be engineered to have better properties. Ryan’s dissertation on “yeast and it longevity” was the beginning of a journey where he asked “how can humans eat to live longer and better”.

Ryan returned to India in 1999 to move away from the lab and jump ahead first in a sales job. Being a people’s person he did not want the confines of a lab in India and want to work with an International division of Unilivers called “Cater Plan”.

He had to convince food preparations gurus like Michelin Star Chefs and Caterers the value of nutrition, safety and hygiene of better prepared foods using quality raw materials or finished products. Ryan’s nutrition perception changed when he joined Nutralite, one of the world’s largest manufacturers in food supplements. His job was to educate, train common people to understand nutrition, digest it and relive their life with better nutrition alignment.

Over the years, he travelled the country, interacting with all walks of life. It is the Nutralite sales agent that made Ryan realise that life is worth investing in nutrition and food is the greatest and most valuable currency in the world.

With that journey Ryan was called to head a powerful business house in South India “Tablets India” and helped form a sports nutrition product company called Bodyfuelz. Ryan mission changed from nutrition as a life saver to nutrition for a medal winner. Over 7 years, Ryan carefully crafted the journey of Bodyfuelz to becoming India’s Best Sports Nutrition Company.

In 2006, whilst at Bodyfuelz, Ryan was sponsored by his promoters to attend an Accelerated General Management Program at the prestigious Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad. Over one year Ryan’s debit and credit of calorie, protein, fats and carbohydrates changes to balance sheets of business. During the course Ryan matured into a leader understanding the role he had to play in the nutrition industry.

In 2009, Ryan left Bodyfuelz with the idea that whilst people loved food supplements, there was always a question of dhal, chawal roti- and how does the aam admi balance its daily food needs.

The story of nutrition consultation with dieticians was born. QUA Nutrition was born out of years of thinking on how do we change the way people think about eating.

Ryan thought leadership in the nutrition space has now accelerated with nutrition clinics across India an international E Clinic Nutrition Clinic for Indians across the world and a food supplement venture that identifies and designs some of the best nutrition molecules in the world.

Ryan says “After my son was born I had a profound change on the view of our planet, my life’s responsibility to my family and planet earth. I believe when people eat to their capacity, they will not waste food, they will not pollute the earth and above all feel good about saving the planet. I joke a lot before boarding any flight – I am not overweight, my baggage is!”

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