EarthPulse™ v5.3 Pro PEMF Therapy Device

Athletic performance enhancement is as simple as going to bed with EarthPulse™ PEMF device under your mattress. EarthPulse™ PEMF provides multi-dimensional biohacking, not just athletic performance enhancement. A combination of physical and mental performance enhancement.

EarthPulse™ Pulsed Electromagnetic Field devices enhance deep-sleep and radically accelerate short and long-term recovery on both physical and psychological levels; while synergistically providing the most potent ergogenic, adaptogenic, anti-catabolic sports performance enhancing effects ever reported.

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The earth Magnetic field has the ability to recharge cellular energy. Sleep outdoors on the floor minus technology around you and you will have the deepest sleep and best awakened energy. The earthpulse is a device that is used by athletes world over to enhance the ability to recover faster. If you wish to purchase the EarthPulse, I recommend you buy here and you will get the best value and a 10% refund on your total invoice.

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My Favorite Supplement

TREVO is a 174 ingredient food supplement that I like to use. Trevo’s ORAC rating is a phenomenal rating of over 373,000 per 945 ml bottle! That’s nearly 12,000 per 30 ml! This record-breaking score has been tested and confirmed by the scientists at the world-renowned Brunswick Laboratories. I recommend you get in touch with me for the serving size as it can be used from Toddlers up to Grandparents. The dosage in medical cases are higher and in maintenance are lower.

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  • No refunds once purchased
  • Product shipped with have One year Shelf Life Minimum.
  • Product Imported & Manufactured in the United States of America
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Kent RO Filter

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Please note: Recommendation on a public website does not construe treatment. No individual should consume any food supplement without the specific advice with a Medical Doctor, Dietitian or Nutritionist. If you are not on a plan with me, please consume with caution. I cannot be held responsible for your own self prescription. On purchase, my team will call you for advising the best dosage. We highly recommend that you do a Vitamin and Mineral Blood test once a year before starting TREVO or any Multivitamin/multi Mineral supplement.