Introduction- Ryan Fernando

Hi! For at least twenty years I have dedicated my life to understanding the science of food. It has been my life mission to change the way you eat. As a nutrition coach it is my responsibility to educate and guide people towards healthier options and choosing foods that heal the body.

My core philosophy is

  • There is no one miracle food
  • All diets are bound to fail
  • The only sure way to learn how your body balances and accepts food
  • Remove foods that are triggers (those that don’t agree with us)
  • Find the foods that make your body feel like a million bucks
  • Use science like blood testing, allergy testing and genetic testing to guide you with precision.

As we evolve in life we realise that we have to adapt. In our health, choices of food contribute to longevity, performance and happiness.

I am the coach that advises no shortcuts. Join me on a lifelong journey in learning how we can align your body for better choices which means a healthier, fitter YOU!