Nutrition tips to recover faster from injury l Injury Recovery Nutrition enhance rehabilitation after injury

Athlete, when they get injured, usually puts on weight. I have a swimmer athlete who put on 7 kgs of weight on a 50 kgs body frame.

That’s like gaining 15% of body weight in a span of 1 month. So athletes need to learn to eat with discipline when they get injured.

Say an athlete has knee, shoulder, or for that matter, any injury, and they put on weight. Now when they go back to training since the body was not involved in any activity, it will take its time to get back to earlier levels, it will feel the stress.

On top of that athlete has put on the weight, which means that there will be added load on the body a) To adapt to current workload b) To come back to earlier fitness c) To get ready for competitions, for which you might need to put in extra training, but your body already is going through its share of trauma and if you are not careful enough you might experience another breakdown.

That’s why nutrition is so essential to prevent injury, if an athlete gets injured to psychologically counsel him/her on how much to eat and the right way to fulfill nutrition needs for proper recovery.

My injury nutrition protocol ranges from collagen, gelatin, turmeric omega 3 and other nutrients, but all structurally coordinated and integrated with the diet.

Because if you only take collagen but don’t eat your food, it won’t get absorbed correctly. Healing with the right foods happens faster.

Your bhojan, oota, sapad, dal, chawal, roti, if organic and selected carefully has very essential nutrient molecules in it. You add supplements on top of it, which will provide an extra edge to recover faster.

But remember, supplements are not a substitute for a healthy diet. They can only provide support, your food still remains the primary nutrition source.

The right nutrition will also help athletes to progress faster in their rehab process. One of my athlete clients was written off by his doctors to be out with an injury for at least 6-8 weeks.

I customized and formulated the injury recovery for that athlete and asked him to follow it to the tee. To the surprise of his doctor, my client made a comeback in the 4th week itself.

Nutrition can do wonders for your body and performance; you just need a nutrition coach by your side to guide you on this journey.

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Ryan Fernando is an Award-winning celebrity Sports Nutritionist with 2GUINNESS world record and 2 Olympic medals under his belt. His client list include Olympic wrestler Sushil Kumar, cricketer Shikhar Dhawan & bollywood superstars Aamir Khan & Abhishek Bachchan. He is Chief Nutritionist at QUA Nutrition Signature Clinics.

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