Nutrition for Health

The Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington are carrying out one of the largest studies into global eating habits, titled the Global Burden of Disease. Taking data from every country in the world, the survey reveals that after smoking, DIET is the second highest risk factor for early death.Some of the other high risks, such as high blood pressure and cholesterol, could also be attributed to poor diet. The study reveals a lot about how eating habits have an effect on our health, and what factors can be used to help us eat healthier. However even though we know that DIET or GOOD NUTRITION is the right way to go, it is the nutrition messages that are inherently “noisy”, with an abundance of specific – and often contradictory – advice available through advertising, media and well-intentioned family and friends. We’re constantly hearing new messages about food from sources that lack credibility, and these messages create confusion about what it means to have a healthy diet.

Its best to advice of a QUALIFIED Nutritionist or Dietitian and seek the right mandate for your choices of food based on your Culture, age, gender, blood tests and Nutrition gene tests.

“Everyone wants Good health. Very few invest in the makings of good health. Sleep, exercise, breath and food are the makings of Great health. If either one of these inputs is compromised the body will over days, weeks, months or years show damage. I believe if you eat right 90% of your uphill battle to have great health is solved. Its not a diet anymore in this decade. Its about Nutrition your genes and the science of eating right. DIETS ARE DEAD”.

– Ryan Fernando

It’s always best to discover what’s good for you via a discovery call. To book a call back to enquire about more details including pricing or to directly book a COUNSELING OR NUTRITION PLAN with our team of Nutritionists