Are you reading this on your screen whilst lounging on your bed or sofa in those comfy Pajamas? Gotcha! 😉

As we are heading into Lockdown 3.0 ask yourself “Have I wandered from my Routine?” We all have a certain “routine” right from the time we wake up to the time we go to bed. Every morning we follow this routine like second nature and it flows through the day.

But now suddenly it’s like someone has hit the pause button because we have nowhere to go but stay at home. No more sleep cycle, errands to run, grocery shopping, meeting friends etc which has disrupted our routine and in turn our natural body system. The routine in fact is replaced with binge watching shows, 24/7 pajamas and constantly glued to our screen.

Number one reason why we are getting sucked into this mundane sluggishness is STRESS. Pre-Quarantine we often overlooked the basic necessities ROTI-KAPDA-MAKAN as it flowed unconsciously and we had time to think and focus beyond the tree things like exercise, working, on hobbies.

But now with this sudden halt we are forced to think of our basic necessities like grocery shopping, paying bills, paying rent. Looming over this we have the added stress of job insecurity, work pressure, cooking all meals, no help and hence has activated our flight or fight response and flight is the easy way out for most of us. Stress affects our thinking ability, our productivity, and in turn makes us mentally drained.

When your body is stressed and drained mentally naturally it cannot make smarter decision. Our mind is occupied with What to cook next? Which friend should I call today? Should I change my pj or one more day is okay? Should I shower? Maybe dress up? Which day is it?

Don’t let lockdown make you fall flat on your face like a deck of cards. Don’t let go of your built foundation habits of years. We all have that one last straw, stick to it, and don’t let it take you down.

Let the chain of foundation habits continue, now is the time to actually invest in rebooting your body, lose the 5kgs you always wanted to, be consistent with your skin routine, cook and eat healthy, take that course you always wanted to but never had the time.

Your options to grow and reboot are limitless. Even, when at home, people must learn to maintain a good hygiene such as washing hands and sanitizing frequently, bathing at least twice a day, wearing fresh clothes everyday and not used ones, making sure that when you workout at home, the workout clothes that are sweaty must be washed, keeping the house clean by sweeping, mopping, folding clothes, washing utensils and using disinfectants, and making sure that cooking is done in most hygienic manner by washing vegetables and fruits and all other ingredients in warm or salted water.

If it’s getting harder for you to do this, if procrastination is sinking ask yourself what’s stopping you. Is it the constant obsessing over news? Glued to your screens? Feeling stuck? Tell yourself this is a time to finally look up from the screen, introspect, rejuvenate yourself like the earth is doing right now, you are not alone, you are part of mother nature.

What you make of yourself in this lockdown is going to set renewed foundation to your life. It’s fine to stay home and indulge but not make it your routine. So if you relate to these words, start rebooting your body by engaging in meditation, exercise, physical activity, eating healthy, connecting with your loved ones and generating positivity around you and your family.

Stick to what you would “normally” do and not “quarantine” do. This is a challenging step but with time you will be ready to bounce back on your feet.

Here are few baby steps that you can take towards rebooting:

1.Sit down with your thoughts, prioritize your good foundation habits, let go of the bad ones

2.Plan your tomorrows breakfast

3.Set out clean ironed clothes to wear at home as if you were going to work

4.Make virtual plans to connect with your family and friends

5.Start by dealing with your work one at a time

6.Water your plants

7.Meditate for 15 mins

8.Decide on a sleeping and a wake up time

When you slowly fall back on track, treat yourself. This will end but don’t let it be the end of your goodness.

“My life, my health and my food are the only things that had me in vice like grip as we grind through the days of the lockdown”.

It’s like me subjecting my client to a detox diet. The lockdown for the coronavirus is a REALITY DETOX. The outcome as it unfolds……


If you agree with me write me a few lines in the comment below on WHAT WAS YOUR COLD SWEAT MOMENT in this lockdown or what resolutions are you planning as we come out of this. Hopefully I will die with an elevated heart rate due to a marathon activity session not a tiny kickass virus! Chant this and train your subconscious mind.

Health is only currency to buy now

Health is the only investment

Health is the future derivative

Your Investment Manager (Health Division)

Ryan Fernando

Ryan Fernando is an Award-winning celebrity Sports Nutritionist with 2GUINNESS world record and 2 Olympic medals under his belt. His client list include Olympic wrestler Sushil Kumar, cricketer Shikhar Dhawan & bollywood superstars Aamir Khan & Abhishek Bachchan. He is Chief Nutritionist at QUA Nutrition Signature Clinics.

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