International Clients

So if you need guidance only a specialist who understands your genes, your blood chemistry and your taste palate (culture also) can correctly decipher and plan your diet.

With the birth of video conferencing via Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp, the interaction with the nutritionist is not limited to in person meetings. Blood tests and body assessments at your local facilities will allow you to gather necessary information to be shared with your counsellor. Our team caters to Indian’s across the world and advises changes in their nutrition, based on real time interactions and carefully crafted nutrition plans that take into account your lifestyles and goals.

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“with over a billion Indians living, the Indian gene is unique to its food choices. Globally Indians living abroad adapt to their new countries. However, a human gene takes close to 10,000 years for a mutation to adapt. This means Indian food, Indians diet and the Indian dietician go hand in hand for the next few centuries. Lifestyle diseases, weight issue and sports fitness performance will be linked to your food choices”.

– Ryan Fernando

It’s always best to discover what’s good for you via a discovery call. To book a call back to enquire about more details including pricing or to directly book a COUNSELING OR NUTRITION PLAN with our team of Nutritionists