How to Design Your Own Exercise Routine

A proper exercise program is a must for healthy living. Exercise affects all aspects of our body-both mental and physical. A balanced exercise regimen helps us to look young, keeps us fit, enhances our productivity and induces proper sleeping habits.

The trend of health and fitness has gained traction over the last few years. An exercise program can include both individual activities like jogging or running, or a group activity like taking up a sport. Yoga can also help to keep us in good spirits. Due to Covid-19, going to the gym is not an option; so we have to design our own exercise routine.

Home exercise program

You can get fit at home without any equipment. Some workouts specifically target the midsection. Others focus on weights. You can do bicep curls at home. Most exercise plans include a grueling set of squats and push-ups. Some people attempt to take the boredom out of the exercise with the help of music. Just half-an-hour of exercise at home is enough to build muscle and lose belly fat. Major muscle groups that the workouts hit are:










Diastasis Recti Exercise Program

There is a tissue that connects the two sides of the rectus abdominis. Diastasis recti refer to a condition when this tissue becomes thin or weak that happens during pregnancy when pressure builds up and weakens the connective tissues. The exercise programs that typically help you to heal your damaged tissue can be planned in three phases, each phase spanning out over four weeks:

1.In Phase 1 the exercises are planned to strengthen the core and abdominal muscles.

2.In phase 2, kettlebell exercises are added to build strength.

3.Phase 3 will include one day of intense cardiovascular exercise while increasing the intensity of the strength-building exercises.

Start Running

The sheer dynamism and speed of running energizes your body and helps your mind to release all the pent up worries and tensions. Just put on your best brooks running shoes and start running.

Fit 10 ten minute exercise program

From streaming yoga classes to workout apps, there are lots of options to keep yourself fit by spending a little time every day. We list a few of them below:

1.If you have the equipment, you can do the weightlifting exercises at home to burn the calories faster and also improve your core strength.

2.Dance choreography can be a fun-at-home workout.

3.Jumping ropes can burn calories very quickly.

4.Jumping jacks will get your heart rate up.

5.Burpees are one of the best total body workouts.

Rebounding exercise program

If you are tired of boring workouts, rebounding exercises are a fun way to whip yourself into shape. Rebounders are small trampolines that can fit in any room of your home, so you can exercise while watching your favorite TV show or listening to music. Remember to stretch before and after the trampoline workouts to minimize injury. Trampoline exercises will benefit you in lots of ways like:

1.Enhancing overall fitness levels.

2.Improving bone density.

3.Improving heart rate.

4.Preventing depression.

5.Strengthening the muscles and joints.

6.Improving balance.

Starting a diet and exercise program

Exercise and a healthy diet are essential in any weight-loss program. Here are two things you should keep in mind before starting a new diet:

1.Don’t restrict certain foods from your diet since that can give rise to increased cravings.

2.Eat a healthy and balanced diet.

When you start any exercise program, remember to do warm-up and core exercises at first. Core activation is essential to switch on of the muscles so they can support you. For the warm-up, you can do high-knees or do jumping jacks.

Dance exercise program

Dance classes with motivating music can double as cardio workouts. Dance routines will help you to burn calories very quickly.

People spend a lot of time, money, and energy in pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. We should work on popularizing fitness knowledge and skills and build more public sports facilities.

We hope you could find some guidelines to plan your exercise regime through this article. All the best!

Are you a fitness enthusiast who likes to work out on your own? Do let us know in the comments below.

Author’s bio:

Rachel Burns has been writing on topics related to fitness and healthy eating for 2 years now. As a mother, she really appreciates the ease of raising children with her advice.

Rachel specializes in plant-based diets. In addition to nutrition, she is also an exercise enthusiast

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