Guide To Healthy Thai Foods For The Weekend

The remarkable flavour balance of Thai cuisine has a way of keeping us going back for more. Given our fondness for it, it’s definitely a good idea to figure out what’s healthy in Thai cuisine so that we may obtain a proper balance of nutrients from the fragrant and vivid dishes.

That’s exactly what you’ll discover as you continue reading: the top healthy eating selections in Thai cuisine!

For the starters

The spicy Tom Yum Gung Soup, a staple of Thai food around the world, is packed with herbal components including galangal roots, kaffir lime leaves, lemon and coriander, all of which have recently been discovered to be potent regulators of digestive system tumours. Thailand has one of the lowest rates of digestive tract cancer in the world, which is unsurprising!

Papaya salad include these and also provides iron, phosphorus, calcium, fiber, proteins, vitamin C, and certain B vitamins. The malic and citric acids in the green papaya used in these salads are both efficient against Helicobacter pylori, a dangerous bug that causes gastric ulcers and malignancies. It also contains an enzyme called papain, which assists digestion by assisting the body in breaking down proteins.

Satay chicken is a fantastic starter for non-vegetarians because it is a lean source of protein. This meal is sometimes served with peanut sauce, which is beneficial since peanuts are high in biotin, an essential component of hair structure, as well as vitamin E, which protects hair and skin from sun damage. It also contains resveratrol, an antioxidant best known for its presence in red wine.

Main dishes

Curries made with coconut milk:

Thai curries made with coconut milk have a lot of calories, but they’re worth eating because of the nutritious content. While coconut milk contains a lot of saturated fat, the majority of it comes from lauric acid, which has been found to improve immunity. It also lowers bad cholesterol (LDL), which lowers the risk of heart disease.

The soothing coconut milk in these curries contrasts with the hot flavour of chilli peppers, which are high in vitamins K, C, and B6 and, thanks to their carotenoid concentration, also provide antioxidants and vitamin A. They also have a chemical known as capsaicin, which has shown promise in the treatment of pain, weight management, and prevention of cancer.

Sources of Protein:

Non-vegetarians should choose fish as a source of protein, which is considerably more beneficial when it contains omega-3 fatty acids. Vegetarians can choose from a wide variety of fresh veggies.

Non-vegetarians can receive their vegetables by ordering a side dish, which is usually loaded with chilies, garlic, and ginger. They have a lot of flavour and nutrition for a small amount of calories. Garlic contains heart-healthy components, and ginger is excellent for easing stomach problems.


Instead of fried rice or coconut rice, serve your curry with steamed rice, which is low in calorie as compared to the other two.

Pad Thai, the typical Thai noodles, is notorious for being rich in sodium, fat, and calories. If you’re really like it, try to keep your serving to 1 cup.

Few more tips:

Avoid fried prawn because they are high in harmful fats , which raise bad (LDL) cholesterol in the blood and increase the risk of heart disease.

But don’t be afraid of lemongrass; this flavour enhancer, which appears in practically all Thai meals, has an antifungal impact on a variety of fungi as well as the ability to increase blood circulation. A calming cup of lemongrass tea can also be enjoyed at the end of your meal.

A Thai restaurant dinner, which is famed for its liberal use of herbs and spices, may be a very pleasurable culinary experience – and a healthy one – as long as we keep our calorie count in check.

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