Fitness Nutrition

Working with the best athletes in the world, I realised that nutrition (food) delivered in the right time, right quantity and right quality (organic) has the highest performance gains. Combined with nutraceuticals or food supplements any normal person on a planned fitness regime can command HIS or HER body to respond. Most believe that exercise is sufficient to move the body to a healthy balance, however the world’s best exercise physiology experts will say 30% exercise 70% diet.

Googling one diet or taking supplements due to gym fashion statements is the worse disservice you can do to your body.

Proper blood tests, body assessments, dietary pattern, work patterns, exercise patterns and allergy and gene test for nutrition can help plan very accurate nutrition plans for a fitness warrior. Most are investing in a gym membership, personal trainer, greater gym gear or running shoes. Your food is still advised via Love and Culture.

“Give me a weekend warrior fitness freak for 180 days and watch him break personal bests in all departments of performance. On the way, we will stumble upon good eating habit and most of a lifelong awareness or how to accurately feed your own genes”.

– Ryan Fernando

It’s always best to discover what’s good for you via a discovery call. To book a call back to enquire about more details including pricing or to directly book a COUNSELING OR NUTRITION PLAN with our team of Nutritionists