Boost Muscle and your Sex drive Naturally —FOR MEN only!!

Testosterone is the male sex hormone that is produced chiefly in the testes and it is the hormone that is responsible for giving men their masculine traits and characteristics.

The production of this male hormone is at its highest level during purberty but is begins waning off after the age of 30 triggering a whole lot of changes in the body.

Reduced production of testosterone not only leads to a diminished sex drive or sexual urge but also leads to erectile disorder or impotence. Other effects include loss of lean muscle and increased fat content coupled with weight gain, brittle bones, mood swings and depression etc.

Though testosterone replacement therapy can help boost your Testosterone levels, there are some natural and far safer ways to boost the production of this hormone without any side effects.

Here is a small list of Natural Testosterone Boosters for men that can help enhance the production of this male hormone:

Egg and Whey Protein

Your diet is where it all begins. Protein is highly essential for maintaining an optimum level of testosterone production. Egg and whey protein help your adrenal glands to keep an optimum level of testosterone in the blood.

Furthermore, fruits and vegetables also help. Though they do not have any protein, they help cut down fat. This is highly crucial because excess fat increases the level of estrogen in blood which affects testosterone production adversely.

Essential Fatty Acids

It is a common perception that fats help you put on weight and you should avoid them altogether. This can be drastic for testosterone production and your male sex drive and sexual function.

Essential fatty acids like Omega 3 are crucial for the production of all anabolic steroid hormones like testosterone. Fish and flaxseed oil are a great source of omega 3 fatty acids.

Animal Protein or Meat

There are studies which reveal that men who eat meat have higher testosterone levels as compared to those who do not.

Raw Oysters

Moreover Oysters can give a much needed thrust to your sex drive as well. This is because they are rich in zinc which is the most important mineral as far as your sexual function is concerned.

Zinc does a lot of things in your body and one among them is to build muscle. This is how it can boost testosterone production.


Nuts such as peanuts can help enhance testosterone production. This is again because nuts contain Essential Fats.

Sweating out at the Gym

It is not just about having proper foods. You need to be active as well. Intense and hard workouts in the gym help boost testosterone production as well as blood circulation so that you can enjoy an increased sex drive and hard erections.

Sleep Well

Sleep is extremely important. Lack of sleep not only builds up stress but also interferes with your hormonal cycles. Hence, to ensure optimum testosterone production make sure you sleep for at least 8 hours a day.

Natural Supplements

This is also extremely important. Though above steps help, it is not easy to always stick to them religiously. Supplements that are formulated with herbs and other nutrients help your body produce more of its own testosterone so that you can enjoy a robust sex drive and active sex life.

Such supplements contain herbs like ginseng, ginkgo, tribulus terrestris, long jack, acai berry etc., and have become immensely popular.

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Ryan Fernando is an Award-winning celebrity Sports Nutritionist with 2GUINNESS world record and 2 Olympic medals under his belt. His client list include Olympic wrestler Sushil Kumar, cricketer Shikhar Dhawan & bollywood superstars Aamir Khan & Abhishek Bachchan. He is Chief Nutritionist at QUA Nutrition Signature Clinics.

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