Athlete height: taller stature in sporting career?

Lovlina Borgohain has just won a boxing bronze medal for India at the Tokyo Olympics. She is only the second Indian woman boxer to reach the podium, following Mary Kom.

During her event it was evident that she used her height to her advantage during the competition. In fact, during some interview her coach Mr. Ali Qamar mentioned that Lovlina made excellent use of her height. He further said that Lovlina’s height is her greatest asset, as no other boxer in her category stands as tall as she does.

Athletes’ height may not necessarily limit their ability to compete in certain sports. However it do has an impact on areas where you have a distinct edge over your opponent.

While height may not always reflect ability, because hard work and skill are the most essential characteristics, it can influence which sports you participate in and where you focus your efforts to improve.

In several sports, taller individuals have an advantage over shorter athletes. A taller fighter with a longer reach can make contact with his fists while remaining out of reach of his opponent. Taller swimmers can cover more ground and outswim their shorter competitors.

Tennis and badminton players who are taller have a greater range of motion, allowing them to cover a larger area of the court. Tennis players might take use of this opportunity to ace their serves. While taller volleyball players have an edge near the net because they can strike the ball at a higher height and block shots more efficiently, shorter volleyball players have an advantage on the court.

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