Individual Unique Nutrition

Every cell in the human body will benefit from good nutrition. We can eat foods that are for centuries know to help heal and enhance our cellular function. The future is here , we now have access to blood tests, allergy tests, pH testing, Nutrigenomics or food gene testing as well as the feedback that you can give an expert when you try a food or a supplement. I mostly am very vague when it comes to giving advice on a public platform. My reason is the BIO-INDIVIDUALITY of a person. Each persons genes are so unique that if one is not assessed and then advised, the food or the supplements being recommended may actually not do any good and in fact may be deterimental (bad) to your health. I highly encourage you to connect with a nutritionist on my team and have a ten minute conversation about your issues. My Nutritionists will advise you to get your blood test done at the basic level. If money is not an issue you may want to get the whole works done and then begin to work with a Nutritionist at my clinic to align your nutrition and health plans. This would be the most effective and honest way to approach changing the way you take care of your health. I firmly believe that there is more FREE advice on the internet for you to digest and try out. I am not here to help you on that journey. My belief is to enable the discovery of your UNIQUE DNA signature and who you are. Invest in your health and watch your dividends as you chose the best and most accurate foods and supplements for your body. If you wish to know more, please leave us your contact details for a call back at your convenience. All we need is a great phone or skype connection to coach you to your wellness.

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